Day: August 12, 2021

Blue parrot headphones to cost $500

FOX News has learned that the first Blue Parrot headset will cost you just $500, making it the cheapest smart speaker in the world.But the Blue Parrots creators aren’t done yet.According to a source close to the project, the headset will have an app, but will not have a dedicated speaker.Instead, it will be built […]

How much do PS4 Pro upgrades cost?

The PlayStation 4 Pro has been released, and Sony is selling a bundle of PlayStation VR headsets to the PS4’s official retail partner, Sony Interactive Entertainment.The bundle comes with a PS4 S and an S Neo, which come with the PlayStation VR headset.The bundles comes with the S Neo and the PSVR headset, and it […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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