Apple’s new wireless microphone headset, the Wireless Earphone, is coming to the Apple Watch Sport in a couple weeks.

The company announced its new wireless headset on Tuesday, announcing a price point of $299 for a pair of earbuds that come with a $100 wireless microphone.

The earbud pair will be available in black or silver, and the company has listed four colors for the wireless headset: dark brown, deep brown, gold, and white.

The company is also listing an audio quality of 80 dB, so you might want to look into purchasing headphones that are rated higher.

The Wireless Earphones are compatible with Apple Watch models with a charging port and will have a “proprietary wireless wireless microphone that allows you to communicate with your Apple Watch through the Bluetooth audio standard,” Apple said.

The new headset, which Apple describes as a “portable, wireless earbuddy for those with limited or no space in their ears,” comes in two colors.

The first color is a light gray, and while the second color is an almost black color, the color is the same.

It’s not clear what color is included in the wireless earphones.

Apple has been testing the wireless Earphones in an open-ended test environment, allowing users to test different audio quality settings.

The new Wireless Earpods, which can be charged using a magnetic charging pad, also come in a black or light brown color.