FOX News has learned that the first Blue Parrot headset will cost you just $500, making it the cheapest smart speaker in the world.

But the Blue Parrots creators aren’t done yet.

According to a source close to the project, the headset will have an app, but will not have a dedicated speaker.

Instead, it will be built using a combination of a microphone and speaker that you can plug into a wall outlet.

The source, who is not authorized to discuss the product’s development, confirmed to FOX News that the headset would be made from an all-aluminum shell, but would not be made out of glass.

The Blue Parrots creators say the sound quality is a “premium” product that they think is very likely to sell.

And the company says it is building the headset to support up to four people at once, which is unheard of in consumer-grade headphones.

Blue Parrotech, a startup founded by former Apple engineers, has been producing headphones in its San Francisco factory since 2011, and currently sells the Bluebird, Bluebird 2, and Blue Parot devices.

The company has a line of smart speakers and smart phones, including the BlueParrot and BlueParot2.

It also offers a smart phone accessory called the BlueBox, which can turn your phone into a speaker.

And Blue Paroot, a company that sells headphones for the company’s own devices, is expanding to more devices.

“The Blue Paros have been really popular, so we decided to take a look at that market,” the source said.

“We think it will really help us with the launch and also build on our success in the market with the Bluebirds and Blueparrots,” he said.

BlueParrots, which also has a $400 product called the Parrot, also announced last year that it was developing a smart-headset-compatible smartphone accessory called BlueBox.

That phone accessory will be unveiled in early January, and the company has raised $300 million in funding.

The first BlueParrots product is expected to ship in 2019, and will be priced at $500.