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What’s next for Oculus?

By now, you’ve probably noticed the big name titles on the new Oculis headset that comes in the form of Sony’s PlayStation 4.The headset itself is a £249 device and is powered by the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor that powers the PS4 Pro.We also got a look at the headset’s battery life, and it’s […]

How to Get a Logitech Headset for Your Mac

Posted February 09, 2018 06:11:57 If you’re looking for a Logiitech headset for your Mac, then you’re in luck because there’s a new version of this headset for the new MacBook Pro.This headset is the same as the one we’ve been using for a while, but with some slight modifications.For one thing, the Logitech headset […]

Why VR is the future of gaming

Virtual reality headsets, like the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and Microsoft HoloLens, have come a long way from their humble beginnings.But that’s not the case with the next wave of VR headsets.They’re not all built to take full advantage of their computing power.There’s a lot more room to improve, so we’re going to focus on […]

Why do I have to pay for this?

I don’t want to buy this device, but it’s too expensive.This is a very good product, but I am not willing to pay the price of Rs. 8,999 for a phone with no internet connection.Amazon has offered me a good price and I think I can get it at least for Rs. 4,999.Amazon says it […]

How to make your own awesome gaming headset

Gamestop’s new headset is awesome.It has a lot going for it.It’s comfortable, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s also the first gaming headset to support Oculus Rift virtual reality.Gamestops original gaming headset was discontinued in February 2018, but it still sells for $199.That’s a steal, and the fact that it’s now available on Gamestarts […]

What is a headset holder?

I have a headset that has been on my head for a few years.It’s a Bluetooth headset that lets me listen to podcasts, listen to music and watch videos on my phone, but it also has a USB cable that lets you plug in other devices like a tablet and a webcam.So I can take […]