A couple of months ago, I was introduced to a new gaming headset called the Corsair VR.

For those unfamiliar with the headset, it’s basically a pair of gaming headphones that can be plugged into a headset slot and act as a pair.

It’s basically an Oculus-style headset that uses your PC’s graphics card to project a virtual world on the screen.

The headset is essentially an Oculus headset that works as a headset, with the main difference being that you don’t have to strap it to your face like you do with the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

You just plug it into your PC and start playing.

A couple of days after the release of the headset’s official announcement, I got a pair for my birthday.

When you put it on, it feels like it’s just been glued to your forehead.

It’s got a big plastic dome and a big, thick piece of plastic on top of it.

Then you put the headset on and you can actually sit in front of the screen, which gives you a really immersive experience.

So when you put your headset on, you feel like you’re actually sitting in front the screen because the screen is completely opaque, and you have a really nice, immersive experience with it on.

At the moment, there are two headsets, the Razer Rift and the Corsair Rift, which are basically the same thing.

They both work the same way, with one VR headset being the standard and the other being the Corsair headset.

The Corsair headset is a $100 gaming headset that has a very small screen and a larger, larger dome, and it also comes with a pair that you can attach to your head.

In this case, I chose to buy the Corsair set because I wanted to try the Corsair version of the Razer VR headset.

It looks very similar to the Razer headset, but the Corsair is a little cheaper and also comes in black and white.

Corsair VR headset with the Razer controller on top source ABC (AU): Corsair VR headset (Corsairs Black) is $100 (left) and Corsair VR set (Cersairs Red) is a similar price and comes in white (right).

The Corsair VR sets come in a range of colours, and I chose the black version, which I love.

It is definitely the colour that I look at when I’m shopping for my next gaming headset.

There are two main benefits to this headset.

Firstly, it has a really good screen, with very bright white colours and plenty of contrast.

Secondly, it looks like a headset.

I think that Corsair VR is a really great headset for people who have never played VR before.

The colours are bright, the screen looks very good, and the contrast is very high.

It also looks really comfortable to wear.

I was really happy with the fit of the Corsair headsets.

They’re very comfortable to use, and their foam is also quite comfortable.

There’s also a very good grip on the headband.

You’re not getting any wires or wires everywhere, which is a plus.

This headset also comes equipped with a Corsair Gaming Controller, which Razer has discontinued.

Corsair’s Gaming Controller has become a standard gaming controller in the Oculus and HTC Vive headsets.

It offers a very comfortable and ergonomic feel.

As you can see from the picture, there is a black headset attached to the left earcup.

There is also a red headset attached at the base of the nose and at the bottom of the left nostril.

Both headsets are white.

There are two buttons on the Corsair Gaming controller, which means that you have the option to either swipe up or down to select which headset you want.

It feels a little weird to have to swipe up on the right earcup and then swipe down to get to the right headset, as it’s the standard controller.

You can also click the button to get your mouse cursor to the top of the virtual world you’re looking at.

I have to say that I found that this was a little confusing to get used to.

However, I found it to be very easy to use.

When you’re watching a game, you’ll see a black rectangle in the centre of your screen that’s connected to the controller.

When the controller is on, the black rectangle will become transparent and your mouse pointer will be hovering over it.

There should also be a white circle at the top and bottom of your virtual screen that indicates the controller’s position.

You’ll also see a green dot next to the cursor on your virtual world.

It will also be the controller that is connected to your PC, and that will turn red when you move your mouse.

This is what it looks and feels like when you’re playing a game.

It does make for a very immersive experience when you use the Corsair controller. 

Corsars VR headset review Corsair’s Corsair VR gaming headset is £100, and Corsair has also dropped the price