Amazon’s online video marketplace is offering customers a bundle of two new PS4 gaming controllers with a special $79.99 price tag that will include the PlayStation 4, a $100 bundle of a PS4 Slim and a $199.99 bundle of the PS4 Pro.

The new PlayStation 4 wireless controllers will be available in a variety of colors, but they will be the first to feature a built-in USB port and Bluetooth.

That means you can also buy them with a new Amazon Prime video subscription.

The new controllers will only be available on Amazon’s Prime Video app, though you can sign up to use the service on a device that doesn’t support Amazon’s service.

You’ll need to use an Amazon Prime membership to access the app, and the PlayStation app has a limited number of games that you can purchase with your Prime Video subscription.

If you’re not a member of Prime Video, you’ll need an Amazon TV subscription to access these games.

The bundle comes with two PS4 controllers, but you can buy two different PS4 controller bundles for $69.99 each.

The PS4 Wireless Pro Bundle, which includes a PS 4 Pro, a PlayStation 4 Wireless Pro Controller and a Sony TV remote, will cost $129.99.

The PS4 Smart Home Bundle includes two PS 4 smart TVs, one PS4, one PlayStation 4 Smart Charger, and one PS 4 Slim Smart Charging Stick.

It also includes a $99.99 Sony TV Remote, which Amazon says “fully integrates with the PS 4.”

The PS Vita Smart Controller will cost you $49.99, and you can use it to play PS Vita games on your PS4 or PlayStation TV.

The Vita Slim Smart Controller costs $49 and you’ll also get a PS Vita Wireless Controller and two wireless headphones.

The Smart Controller Bundle costs $99, the PlayStation Smart Home, and it comes with one PlayStation Vita Wireless Remote, one wireless headphones, one HDMI cable, one USB cable, and a case.

You can also add a PlayStation Mobile, a wireless headset with a wireless charging port that Amazon says can be used on a PS Mobile device.

If you already have a PlayStation Portable, you can add the Wireless Adapter for $19.99 and add it to the PS Vita Bundle for $29.99 instead of the Wireless Controller.

The Amazon Prime Bundle will cost about $129 and include one PS Vita, one Wireless Controller, and two headphones.

You can also purchase a PS Vue TV Remote for $24.99 (the same price as the PS Vie Smart Home).

The PS Vee Wireless Controller is $99 and comes with a PlayStation Vue remote, a wired headset, and an HDMI cable.

The PlayStation 4 Slim and the PS Pro bundles will cost around $100 each, and each includes a PlayStation TV remote.

If that’s too much for you, you should probably check out the PlayStation VR bundle, which also includes two wireless headsets and an included headset.