You might be surprised to learn that there are tons of things you can buy for a few bucks on Amazon’s online store.

Here are some of our favorites.

The Plantronics Bluetooth headset (price: $49.99, Amazon) The Plantronic headphones, which are the same as the Plantronics wireless headset, are very good value.

They have a great sound, excellent bass, and good clarity.

You can even pair with a PC, iPad, or smartphone, but it’s important to know that the sound is really good, and it sounds really good on your PC.

However, the Plantronic is only compatible with Windows PCs, which is a bit limited.

If you want to play games with the Plantics, you need to buy the PlayStation 3 headset, which comes with the same sound quality and performance as the PC headset.

You might also like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which has a built-in microphone and headset that you can use with your phone.

There are some other cheaper headset options on Amazon, such as the Logitech G6 headset, but they sound better.

The Philips Hue headphones (price $79.99) These are the Philips Hue smartwatches, which come with a built in speaker and a microphone.

You need to have a smartphone with Bluetooth to use these headphones.

They can be used with Android and iOS.

However you need a smartphone to control these smartwands, which means you need at least a smartphone.

You could use them to control your car, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

The Google Chromecast audio player (price at $8.99): You can use this app on your iPhone or iPad to stream music to the Hue speakers or any other Android or iOS device.

You’ll need an Android or iPhone device with Chromecast support to use this.

It works with Chromecasts from Amazon and Google.

There’s also an iOS app for Chromecast, but the audio quality is not great.

You’d have to buy an iPhone or Android device to use it.

You will also need to pay a $8 fee for the app.

The Apple iPhone (cost $39.99 and up): You’ll have to pay an additional $10 for the iPhone.

You won’t be able to use the Hue speaker or the Hue lights to control Hue devices like the Nest thermostat or the Nest speaker.

The Nest Cam is also only compatible in the US.

There is an Android version, but Google’s Chromecast app is the only way to control it.

This is a great little gadget, but there are better options on the market for streaming music and controlling Hue devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Cam (price and more): The Samsung Cam is an affordable and useful smartphone-controlled smartwatch that is compatible with Android phones.

It is compatible for up to 6 hours of streaming music or watching videos on the Samsung app.

It’s only available in the United States.

The Sony Bravia LED light bar (price, $49): It’s a really cool feature that lets you use the Bravia lights to illuminate the home or office, so you can see what’s going on around you.

The LEDs are not connected to the smartwatch, but you can adjust them using the on-screen buttons on the device.

There aren’t many options on this list, but if you’re a big fan of smartwares, this is a nice little device that can help your home look more professional.

You don’t have to go through a lot of hassle to have these on your home screen.

They’re also not available on Amazon yet.

There have been a number of reports of people getting sick when using these devices.

However they aren’t recommended for people with certain medical conditions.

You should still get tested before you buy one of these products.