Microsoft is trying to push the Xbox One forward in the race to become the best console for the masses.

The company announced last month that it is working on a headset, a gaming device, and a headset accessory to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U. But Microsoft is also focusing on getting the Xbox one out to the masses in a way that isn’t just a way to make money off of Xbox One sales.

Microsoft has been aggressively marketing the Xbox on TV and in stores, and its Xbox One accessories are already in stores.

Xbox One owners have been receiving the headset, which costs $200 for a headset with an included remote and an Xbox One controller.

Microsoft is launching the Xbox headset at retail on March 31 and also is offering the Xbox controller and Xbox One wireless controller, both of which cost $100.

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s attempt to move past the PS4 and Wii U in the console space and into a more mainstream platform.

Microsoft and Sony are also working on competing headsets that will offer the same functionality and the same specs.

The two companies also are competing for the same segment of the gaming market.

But while Microsoft’s efforts are a step in the right direction, the Xbox will be the first major gaming console to run on a new chip from ARM, which is known for producing powerful CPUs and graphics cards.

The new chip, known as ARMv7, is not available to developers yet.

Microsoft says that its Xbox headset is designed to offer the highest quality of gaming, and it’s also designed to be very cheap.

The $100 headset with the Xbox Controller and Xbox Wireless Controller will cost $199, and Microsoft says it will launch a new Xbox bundle for $299.

The Microsoft Xbox One headset and Xbox controller will be available for preorder on March 11, with a release expected sometime in May.

The hardware is available for purchase on

Microsoft is also working with and Best Buy.

The first Amazon Prime Day, which will take place on March 3, will offer $100 off select Xbox One bundles, including the $100 Amazon Prime headset, the $99 Xbox One Wireless Controller, and the $199 Xbox One Controller.

The retailer also offers a $200 Amazon Prime subscription that comes with a free Xbox One, Xbox 360 controller, and two years of Prime.

Microsoft will also offer an Amazon Prime Video subscription that includes unlimited streaming and browsing on Amazon Video, which includes movies and television shows.

The Amazon Prime video subscription will start at $49.99 a month for two years and will increase to $99.99 for three years, and will be valid for six months from the time it is activated.

Microsoft’s Xbox One accessory is also on sale, and you can get it for $35.99, with shipping starting on March 13.

Microsoft isn’t the only one competing in the gaming space with Xbox One.

The PlayStation 4 is expected to be available in October, and Nintendo is launching a Nintendo Switch at a price point of $299 for the first time.

Microsoft also is selling the Xbox Kinect, which has been available for $200 on Amazon for about a year now.

Microsoft recently announced that it will be making Kinect accessories available to anyone with an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

The Kinect is the first game controller from Microsoft to be officially licensed to the company.

Microsoft, PlayStation, and Wii are also competing in video game tournaments.

Microsoft released a video on March 16 of its Xbox Fitness, a fitness tracking app, showing off the Xbox Fitness app.

Microsoft partnered with Twitch to stream Xbox Fitness tournaments to Twitch’s TwitchTV channel.

Microsoft announced in October that it was partnering with the University of Texas to launch the Xbox Play Anywhere program, which lets gamers play online with their friends.

Microsoft wants to make Xbox PlayAnywhere more convenient for its fans.

Microsoft said on March 19 that it’s going to launch Xbox Live Pass, a subscription service that lets Xbox owners access the Xbox Live service without having to pay for an Xbox account or membership.

The service will also be available on Windows 10 devices.