In the months since HyperX announced their PS4 line of headsets, they’ve gotten the PS4 to market with a slew of accessories.

The PS4 Slim, which debuted at CES, was a much-needed upgrade to the PS3 Slim.

But that same slim upgrade included a bunch of PS4 accessories, including a PS4 Pro.

The PlayStation Camera was also included in the bundle, and now Sony is offering the PlayStation Camera with a PS3 camera.

And, yes, HyperX has released a bunch more accessories for the PS2.

You may have noticed a bunch, and you may not.

But the PSX, PS3, PS4, and PS Vita accessories are all included in this bundle, making this a fantastic deal.

The PlayStation Camera is included with all PS3 cameras.

HyperX PS4 and PS3 Camera bundles are available now for $99.99 and $99,99.