If you’re an Android user, you probably know how difficult it is to get the Oculus Rift to work on your device.

The headset is supposed to work with any Android phone running Android 5.1.1, but there’s a huge list of devices that are not yet officially supported.

That’s where Oculus comes in.

If you have an Android phone that’s running Android 6.0.1 or newer, the Oculus SDK will make sure your device will work on the headset.

However, the headset is also available for the HTC Vive, which was released a year ago and requires Android 5 with Android 8.0 or higher.

That means it’s still a work in progress, but we’ve got a quick guide to getting the Oculus working with your phone.1) Make sure you have a valid HTC Vive account.

If not, visit this link to set one up for free.2) Download and install the Oculus Desktop app.3) Open the Oculus app.4) Make the Oculus headset ready for use.5) Plug your phone into your computer using the included USB cable.6) Open Oculus Home and you’ll see the Oculus desktop on the home screen.7) Click on the Oculus home button to open the Oculus Home app.8) From there, you can configure your Oculus headset, which is a nice touch for those who have not done so already.9) To add the Oculus to your phone, simply hit the Oculus button on your headset and select the Oculus.10) You’ll see your Oculus home screen, and you can select your device to bring up the Oculus store.11) Once you’ve selected the Oculus, you’ll be able to browse and add games and VR content.12) Once the store is open, you should see the VR headset listed as your current Oculus headset.