With PS4 hardware updates rolling out to the masses of gamers this month, it seems like the time is ripe for those of us who have been playing the game since the early days of the console to get our hands on a PS4 headset for VR. 

For those who have never used the PlayStation VR, a PS VR headset is an expensive, but highly recommended, option that will allow you to experience what it’s like to experience virtual reality in a very real way. 

In this article, we’ll be covering how to install and configure a PSVR headset for your PS4 and the latest games on the PSVR.

We’ll also be covering some of the new features coming to the PS VR over the next few months, and we’ll take you through how to set up your PSVR setup to give you the best experience possible.

In the video below, you’ll find out how to configure and use your PS VR for PS4, how to add a PS Plus subscription, how you can stream content to the headset, and more. 

Download the PS Plus app to get startedThe PS4 is one of the most popular consoles on the planet, and the best way to play games on it is to plug it into your TV and watch them on a big screen.

However, it’s also a console that can be tricky to set-up, particularly if you’re new to the system.

The best way I’ve found to get set-it-up for the PS 4 is through the PS Store, but if you can’t find it on your local store, here are some tips that you can use to get your PS 4 setup up and running.

You can download the PS App from the PS app store to get the PS Apps for Windows and OS X to your PS Store account.

You’ll also need to sign up for a PS App for Windows account.

Once you’ve signed up, you can sign in to your account on the PlayStation Store and use the app to install apps on your PS Vita or PS4.

Get your PS app installedFirst, you will need to install the PS apps for Windows, OS X, and PS Vita.

Once your PS App is installed, you should be able to access the PS store by going to the PlayStation app store, clicking on your device’s icon on the top left corner of the store, and then tapping on “PS Store.”

Once you’ve added the PSApps for Windows or PSApps app to your app, you are ready to go.

Next, you need to select your PSVita device from the list and then choose the device to connect to your PlayStation VR.

Select your PS5 device to install it.

Next, click on “Play PSVR.”

You should now be connected to the network and will be able access the games and experiences that you want to play on your headset.

If you are using a PS5 console, it may be a little easier to use.

Simply select your device from your list and hit “Play PlayStation VR.”

You will see a menu to connect your PS VITA device to your system.

Next up, select “Play on PSVR” to start the PS VIVE app.

After connecting your PS devices, you may see a “Welcome to PSVR!” prompt.

If you do not see this prompt, please click on it.

This will take you to a page where you can configure the settings for your console.

Next up, open the PS5 VIVE application.

On this page, you have the option to add an “Add Account” button to your profile to add your PS Account to your list of connected PSVITA devices.

If your PS account is already on your list, it will automatically appear in the list of PS VIVES devices.

Once added, your PS accounts are listed on the right side of the screen.

Selecting your PS device will show your PSvita profile, which you can then select to access content on your VR headset.

Once you have your PS Device, you’re ready to start playing!

If you’re not using a PlayStation 5 console, you don’t have to worry about connecting your device to the same network as your PSIV and PSVIV.

In this case, your device should be on the same subnet as your Xbox One, which is also connected to that network.

To connect to the Xbox One’s subnet, you simply have to use a network manager app on your PC, or you can download a PS Vita app and then connect to that subnet. 

If you have a PS VIV or PSV, the PS Vita can be connected directly to your Xbox Live.

If not, the Xbox Live network manager will connect to PSVivo.

This is what we’re going to use to connect our PS Vita to the subnet that you specified.

To connect the PSVive to the main PS network, we