David Clark, an American musician, is on a flight to Japan.

The plane is taking off at about 4:15 a.m. local time, and a seat on the front row is reserved for him.

His friend is standing next to him.

David: Hello.

My name is David Clark.

I’m a singer, a musician, and I’m also an American.

He’s sitting next to me on the left.

David Clark: Thank you.

You know, I don’t even know what to say.

David is in the United States, but he’s from Japan.

He says, “I have to go to Japan.”

David Clark’s friend, who is Japanese, says, No.


We can stay together.

David’s flight to Tokyo is about to take off, and David and his friend have been traveling together since May.

David and the friend are getting ready to leave Japan, and the plane has cleared customs.

David says to the friend, “Hey, you’re not going to be late.

You have to get here.”

The friend says, Oh.

I know.

David has never gone to Japan before, but this is his first time.

The friend is happy to hear that, so David lets him take his place.

But then he’s told by a crew member that he’s in trouble.

The crew member says, Your seat is reserved.

David asks, What’s that?

The crew man says, You’re sitting on the right.

And that’s what it says.

David tells the crew member he has to get off the plane.

David wants to leave, but the crew man tells him, No, you can’t leave.

David keeps telling the crew that he can’t.

The captain says, There are some people on this plane that need to go.

The flight crew member asks, Are they in trouble?

David says, I think so.

David then asks the crew to put a seatbelt on him.

The person on the seat is an American citizen.

The pilot says, If you need to take me off this plane, I’ll take you off.

David looks at his friend.

David, do you want me to leave or not?

The pilot looks at David, and then asks David, Why are you in a seat with me?

David replies, I need to leave.

Then David is told that if he leaves the plane, he’ll get a ticket to a different flight.

David explains to the crew about the situation, and they all say, You should have left before.

David calls the Japanese airline, but says he’s not sure what to do.

Then he tries to take the seatbelt off his friend, but it won’t do.

The Japanese airline then tells him that he’ll have to pay the $200 fine.

The $200 is about $100.

David tries to explain that he needs to leave the plane for his friend to get the ticket, but Japanese officials insist that the flight will be canceled because David’s friend will have a ticket.

They say, We’re not happy with you leaving the plane without the ticket.

David insists he doesn’t want to pay a fine, and Japanese officials tell him he can get a refund.

David refuses.

David gets a refund for the ticket he was supposed to get.

The airline then says that he has no choice but to take his ticket to another flight.

They tell David that he must pay the fine.

David agrees to pay $200 for the seat on his friend’s plane, and that’s when the Japanese police show up.

David now has to pay more than $200 to get a new ticket.

Meanwhile, David and friends have been waiting for their flight to come in.

David said, This is ridiculous.

The ticket was supposed the first flight.

He is supposed to have a seat and be with his friend for a flight.

But they don’t have the ticket yet.

The officer asks, David, where is the ticket?

David answers, It’s in a safe in the cabin.

David was in a hurry to get on the plane so he could get his friend on the next flight.

The next day, David’s friends are waiting for the flight.

A flight attendant comes to David and asks if he wants a seat, but David says no.

She says, Are you sure?

David asks again.

The attendant says, Yes, you don’t want a seat.

David replies that I have to.

The man on the flight is not allowed to talk to the passengers, so the officer says David is a suspect and needs to take a polygraph test.

David answers the officer’s questions and says, OK.

She looks at him and says to him, He is going to ask you questions about this trip and the relationship between you and your friend.

You’re supposed to go and get the passport, and he’s going to tell you all of that.

David smiles and says yes, he’s okay.

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