The Microsoft Corporation says it won’t be releasing its wireless computer headsets, despite recent rumors.

Microsoft’s corporate communications office in Seattle, Washington, issued a statement Monday saying that the company had not been able to find any wireless wireless headsets that would meet the high standards it expects from its next-generation products.

“This isn’t the kind of statement we want to make when we don’t have any information about them,” said Andrew Wilson, Microsoft’s vice president of corporate communications.

“We’ll continue to work with all the key players to provide the best possible experience.”

In recent weeks, several websites, including Microsoft’s own TechRadar website, reported that Microsoft was working on a wireless computer that would work with the Xbox 360 controller.

The site cited unnamed sources as saying that Microsoft’s goal was to make the Xbox360 wireless controller an essential component of future Xbox 360 games.

The Xbox 360 has long been considered the most powerful gaming device on the planet, and it remains one of the most popular gaming platforms of all time.

The company has also struggled to deliver the products it promised.

In November, the company said that it was aiming to ship the Xbox One, which is also based on the Xbox Kinect motion sensor, by the end of 2017, but that it would have a lot of work to do before the device would launch.