A new gaming headset that Microsoft says will work with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games is now available for $349, up to $349 off its MSRP of $299.

Microsoft’s new headset will be available starting Friday.

The $349 headset will also come with a bundled HDMI cable, which you can use with your TV.

The $349 bundle comes with a set of four earbuds that work with both Xbox One games and the Xbox One app.

The Microsoft headset will not work with the Xbox Pro Controller, but it will work on PC games, including the popular Diablo III.

It’s not clear whether the headset will work for the Xbox Wireless Controller or the Xbox wireless controllers with the new Xbox One Wireless Controller.

The new Microsoft Xbox and Xbox Wireless controllers are available in $50 bundles starting Friday, and Microsoft is also announcing an Xbox Wireless controller for $79, and a $39 gaming headset for $149 starting Friday morning.