New Logitech wireless bluetooth headphones review

New Logiitech wireless headsets are out this week, but for those of us who want to take advantage of the latest wireless technology, there’s another option to consider.In a new review, the German brand tested the Logitech G432 wireless Bluetooth headset, and it was pretty good.The device packs a lot of wireless technology into a […]

Why you might want to replace your headset, too

If you’ve got a bluetooth headphone with a remote that you’ve used for years, you’re probably using it a lot.You’re likely checking your phone every day, checking emails, or taking calls.But some of the things you do can be difficult to control.So what if you don’t have a remote, or if you’re not sure what […]

Best gaming headset in 2018: a20

The A20 is the world’s best gaming headset right now.And now that it’s the best-selling headset on Amazon, it’s not a surprise that it has been picked up by major gaming brands like Razer and Intel.But how does it perform?The A20 isn’t cheap, and you’ll have to spend a little bit more to get the […]

How to buy the best wireless headset for gaming

How to pick the best gaming headset for your rig.It’s the best part of any PC gaming system.The best gaming headsets are the ones you want to own, because they’re designed to support a wide variety of games, including the most popular titles, such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and more.If you’re a hardcore […]

What’s the best gaming headset microphone?

Headset microphones are a great way to improve your audio quality, especially when you’re using headphones.With a microphone on the headset, you can also hear everything else in your environment.But there are a few different kinds of headsets that you might want to consider if you’re a gamer.Here’s a look at the top five headsets […]

Best PS4 headset review

Xbox One Wireless Headset for Xbox One S article You might know that the PS4 is now the most powerful console on the planet and that the Xbox One is still the most popular gaming console ever.But if you’ve ever been curious about the best wireless headset available, you’re not alone.There are plenty of different […]

When does PS4 Pro launch?

The new PlayStation 4 Pro headset is the most advanced version of the PlayStation 4 ever, and now that the console is available to buy, its going to be one of the most anticipated releases of the year.The headset, which has a price tag of $400, is available for pre-order right now, with pre-orders starting […]

How much does your new Android Wear smartwatch cost?

Axios/Android Wear’s new wearable device is only $199, but it’s still not cheap.The Moto 360 Sport, which was unveiled earlier this month, is the cheapest Android Wear device, costing $349.99.But the Moto 360 has a few tricks up its sleeve.Here’s how to figure out how much your Android Wear watch is worth.1.The price of the […]

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