After all the hype, the PS4’s first day sales were pretty lackluster.

And it’s not even the cheapest console on the market. 

The PS4 launched at $399 on Friday and has since dropped $50 to $399, which is actually a $10 savings.

That means the PS5 is now the most expensive console on Amazon, with the Xbox One and PS4 the closest competitors at $499 and $399 respectively.

PS4 and Xbox Scorpio are still the two most expensive consoles on Amazon.

So how did Amazon’s gaming console actually perform on Friday?

The answer is simple: the PS3 was priced way too low, at $299.

Amazon’s online store was selling a $200 Xbox One bundle for $399.

And if you’re a PS3 owner, you probably already knew that.

This isn’t just about the PS2, either.

The PS3 is actually selling better than its Xbox 360 successor, and PS3 owners are actually buying a PS4, with its much better specs.

That’s because Amazon’s PS4 store is selling the console at a much cheaper price than its PS3 counterpart.

PS3 vs PS4 price difference on Amazon