The PlayStation 4 Pro and the PlayStation VR will be available in Japan and the US later this year, Sony has announced.

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR are the only VR headsets to support full head tracking.

The headset, which is expected to be priced at around $300, will also be compatible with PlayStation’s own head-tracking peripheral, the PSVR.

Sony’s head of the PlayStation division, Yusuke Amano, said the headset will also support “some” third-party controllers and other input methods.

The PS4 and PS VR will support full headset tracking, which allows the headset to track players head position with no external hardware.

It is a key feature in the PS4’s Pro system, which also includes the PS VR and a pair of wireless controllers.

Amano also confirmed the PlayStation 4’s launch date, saying that the system will launch in September, and will be compatible “all over the world”.

This is a significant step in the PlayStation ecosystem.

This is a very important year for PlayStation in terms of the launch of the PS Pro and VR systems, and we look forward to delivering a world-class gaming experience to our customers,” Amano said.

The console is expected with a price tag of around $299 in Japan, which could be a hefty price tag for many in the industry.

It will cost a further $200 in the US, though, where the system is expected for around $399.

Elsewhere, Sony is looking to add new VR support to the PS 4 and PS Pro in a major update to its existing VR software, known as PSVR, that will be bundled with the systems.

Sony is working with third-parties to add more third-generation VR support and will also add support for the HTC Vive in its next update.

The update will be released later this month, with a new PSVR-specific patch coming out later in the year.

Sony will also release a separate version of PSVR for Android devices, which will be more robust, as well as an Android app for iOS and MacOS.

A new beta version of the Android app is also expected to come out next month, as is a new version of Oculus Touch, a headset developed by Google.

The release of the new PS VR software is not expected to go ahead until the end of the year, although Sony is also working on a “VR Ready” version of PlayStation VR, which would include features like “fully-functional positional tracking”, an improved audio solution, and improved input support.