PS4 Pro owners can upgrade their gaming systems, but the Xbox One S doesn’t seem to be getting a major upgrade.

A new study found that people who bought the new Xbox One X were spending twice as much money on games compared to those who bought an older model.

The research from the consultancy PC Insights found that players who bought a PS4 in 2016 spent an average of $1,095 on games than those who purchased a PlayStation 4 in 2017.

The Xbox One Pro was the only device that came out ahead with $1 and a quarter more spending.

Xbox fans, beware: This is not the only way the Xbox will be competing with the PS4.

It has some other great new features too.

You can buy the new Kinect 2 sensor, which measures your body’s motion, and use it to track your body movement with the touch of a button.

And Xbox One Scorpio owners can stream their games to an Xbox One TV.

The new Xbox is launching on July 27, but you can start getting your hands on it in the coming weeks.

The PlayStation 4 Pro will launch later this year, followed by the Xbox Scorpio later this month.

We’ll be keeping you updated on how the PSVR is doing in its first year of availability.