PS4 is the latest to suffer from the backlash over the Xbox One, and Microsoft has made a few announcements in the past few weeks to address it.

First up, it has announced that it will be offering a free Xbox One upgrade for Xbox One owners over the summer.

This means that if you own the console, you’ll be able to upgrade to the console without having to spend £100 on a new console.

This is in addition to Xbox One and PS4 bundles that are already available.

It’s also giving Xbox One users a free year of Xbox Live Gold, as well as a $500 Microsoft Store gift card for Xbox.

The price of the Xbox and PS Plus subscription plans will remain the same.

“For all of our customers, it’s a free upgrade to Xbox Live for a year of unlimited games and other services.

We’re also adding a $5,000 Microsoft Store Gift Card to our loyalty program,” said Sony’s John Koller.

“We are also excited to announce that our PS Plus service will be available to PS4 users in the United States in early 2018.

Our PS Plus members will be able access and enjoy a range of exclusive games and content for free for a limited time.

We are also adding new Xbox Live gold plans to the PS Plus membership that offer even more games, exclusive online features and more.”

Microsoft has also introduced a new subscription service called Xbox Live Indie, which offers a $10 Xbox Live credit per month to gamers who sign up to play games with the company’s Xbox One.

“To celebrate our launch of the new Xbox One console, Microsoft will be giving Xbox Live indie members $10 off of Xbox One at select retailers, giving them access to Xbox games, and the ability to play indie games on Xbox One,” Microsoft said.

“This is a great way to celebrate our new console with your friends and family.”

It also announced that Xbox One players can get the $50 Xbox Live discount on all purchases made with the console for the rest of the year, which includes all Xbox Live freebies.

Microsoft also announced it would be rolling out free games for PS4 owners over summer, which include Dead Rising 3, Fallout 4, and Grand Theft Auto V. “With Xbox Live’s free trials, Xbox Live will also offer PlayStation Plus subscribers an even more generous offer,” said Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore.

“When you sign up for Xbox Live, you get a limited amount of free games and online services.

This offer is a big win for PlayStation Plus members, and we’re excited to be helping Xbox One gamers across the world access their favorite games and services.

Xbox One is the best place to play on any console, and Xbox Live is making it easier for PlayStation users to enjoy the games, services, and games you love.”

As for PS Plus, it is offering a $2 discount per month for PlayStation 4 owners over a two-year subscription, which is a pretty solid deal if you’re on a PS4 and have $100 left over to spend on games.

“PS Plus subscribers will be receiving a one-time $2 bonus discount per console purchased,” Microsoft stated.

“You’ll also get an extra 10% off of the price of every PS Plus game purchase for two years.

For more details on how to sign up, visit PS Plus.”

The PS4 was one of the first consoles to feature 4K Ultra HD (UHD) support, and Sony also announced a $1 discount for PSVR headset that can support 4K content.

Xbox has also added a new Xbox app to the Xbox Store that offers new games, movies, TV shows, and more.

Microsoft said that Xbox Live members will also be able purchase PS4 titles and content in the future.

“Xbox Live is now offering a new way to play and purchase games and more on Xbox,” said Mike Ybarra, Microsoft’s head of Xbox Games.

“As part of the upcoming Xbox One launch, you can now sign up on Xbox to play some of the best games and movies from our library on Xbox.

You can also stream the games you’ve purchased through Xbox to your Xbox One on Xbox, and you’ll also be getting an extra 5% off the price when you purchase a PS Plus or Xbox Gold subscription.”

There are also plans to launch Xbox Live Events, a free way for Xbox owners to celebrate the launch of their consoles.

“Microsoft is bringing an Xbox Experience to the Games Store and is rolling out a variety of new events for gamers across all of the platforms, including a free PS Plus event,” Ybarro said.

Microsoft has been rolling out Xbox Live achievements, a new game-tracking system for Xbox, Xbox Achievements, and a slew of new games and apps to help players keep track of achievements.

Microsoft is also planning to launch the Xbox app for Xbox 360 in the US in the next few months, but that doesn’t mean that Microsoft has confirmed it’s going to launch a new version