Razer has announced its first VR headset, a Razer SGS7 gaming headset.

The headset will be available to pre-order on March 17th.

It will retail for $499.99 and feature a pair of interchangeable lenses, four microphones and two USB ports.

Razer is touting its new gaming headset as the first of its kind to deliver the “ultimate VR experience”.

Razer has been working on the headset since late 2015.

Razer announced a VR gaming headset in May 2017.

At the time, the headset was touted as the world’s first virtual reality headset that was “designed for the ultimate gaming experience.”

Razer has not revealed much about the SGS 7 yet.

The SGS series is a collection of gaming peripherals designed to enhance the experiences that gamers enjoy with a wide range of gaming headsets.

A Razer Gaming headset is the most popular of the SGM7 family of VR headsets.

Razer launched the SMS5 gaming headset with an eye toward offering a cheaper option for gamers looking to purchase the same gaming hardware for less money.

Razer also launched the Razer Core gaming headset, which was the most expensive of the Razer SGM6 family of gaming headgear.

The Razer Core is a smaller version of the Core VR headset.

Razer’s SGS range of headsets is built to last, so the SGA7 is designed to last.

It comes with the Razer Blade and a pair on the right.

The Blade has a detachable, wireless keyboard, mouse and a USB-C port.

Razer has also announced that its next gaming headset is going to be the Razer GX.

The GX is a gaming headset that uses a new form factor that allows it to be worn under clothing.

The gaming headset also comes with a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse.

It’s the only Razer headset with USB-A connectivity.

Razer will sell the Razer VR headset for $249.99, which is $50 more than the Razer Edge R7, the first Razer headset to offer a USB 3.0 port.

We will be bringing you more news on Razer’s new gaming headsets as they become available.

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