Posted September 16, 2018 05:54:33The PlayStation VR is the latest headset from Sony and the first with a built-in Astro headset.

The headset is designed to be a high-end companion for gamers looking for a high quality headset, but it is also capable of playing a wide range of VR games.

The Astro headset features a pair of lenses that are designed to look like a telescope.

These lenses are built into the headset itself and will be able to adjust the magnification to match the quality of the game.

The lens has two layers of fiberglass and is composed of two pieces, one that is thicker and has a glass lens and one that has a plastic lens.

The glass lens is used to reflect the light that hits it.

The other layer is composed entirely of an aluminum core and a plastic layer.

The Astro headset has a built in IR camera that allows the user to turn the camera on and off while playing VR games, and it also comes with a wireless charging port.

The headset itself comes with four USB ports that can be used to charge the headset.

A second USB port allows the headset to connect to other external devices such as a computer or mobile phone.

The USB ports are made to accept standard microUSB cables and are able to take up to a USB-C or Thunderbolt cable.

The PS VR headset is available for $499 at the moment, but there are also preorders available for the headset right now for $399.