A pair of Sony’s cheap PS4 headsets are a welcome addition to the PlayStation community, but there’s not a lot to recommend.

We’ve had the opportunity to test the PS4 Pro headset, and the only thing that can really be said is that it’s a bit too expensive.

But the PSVR Pro headset does deliver some pretty impressive results, with a maximum headroom of 5m, a relatively wide field of view, and a relatively high level of comfort.

Its weight is a little too light for the average person, and it’s not very comfortable.

But it’s also very quiet, and at a price point that can make you want to throw your PS4 away, the PS Pro is a great buy.

Pros The headset is reasonably cheap for the quality of the technology and hardware it’s using.

Its comfort is good, and you can get a really comfortable fit.

The headset supports all the major VR headsets, and there’s an option for people with less-than-ideal posture.

Cons It has a rather wide field-of-view and a fairly high level (though not quite as high as the Oculus Rift) of comfort, and is very noisy.

It’s very loud.

Its low price is a bit of a surprise.

The PS4 Pros have been in development for a while, and they’ve been a bit buggy.

The company hasn’t said whether it’s working on a new PS4 or a new console to replace the PS3.