The future of TV looks very bright.

Amazon announced today that it is bringing Alexa, the voice assistant that can answer questions, play games and stream video, to Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

You can use Amazon Alexa in many ways, but for the moment it is only available for Alexa in the Amazon Fire Stick.

The Fire TV is the first Amazon device to support Alexa, so it will also get Alexa in later Fire TV devices.

Amazon says it will begin rolling out Alexa in other Fire TV models in early 2017.

Alexa’s arrival will make it easy for people to make and control their own smart home devices and services.

“Amazon Alexa will be available to everyone starting on April 1, 2017.

We’re committed to making Alexa accessible to everyone, including Alexa-enabled devices like the Fire TV, Fire TV Plus and Fire HDX,” said Amazon chief technology officer and vice president of product innovation Alex Kipman in a blog post.

You might be thinking that Amazon is just trying to catch up with Google, which introduced Alexa in 2015.

But Amazon is clearly working on a new platform that is better suited to its interests.

Amazon has been working on Alexa since at least 2017, when Amazon bought for $970 million.

Amazon was also the first to launch its own smart speaker called Echo Dot in 2017.

Amazon’s Echo speakers have also become popular with developers, with Amazon’s Alexa and Alexa Dot devices selling out in the months leading up to Christmas.

Alexa is already in the works for Amazon’s new streaming video service, which will launch in 2018.

Amazon is also planning to offer Alexa-powered devices for its Echo Show, which is available on Fire TV.

Alexa can answer basic questions like “what’s happening in my neighborhood,” and can also answer more complex questions like how much food is in the refrigerator, how long the sun has set and how much money is in my checking account.

Alexa will also answer “how much time is left in the day,” but the Fire Stick won’t have Alexa built-in until 2018.

It will be a few years before Amazon’s TV service gets Alexa on its own.

Amazon TV is only a step away from having Alexa in a device like the Echo Dot, but that’s not a bad thing.

The Echo Show and Alexa are designed to work together.

Amazon doesn’t need a device to talk to its Echo speakers.

They can work independently, but they can be controlled from a separate Amazon app.

Amazon also is bringing its Echo App to the FireTV and Fire Stick, allowing users to control the Echo speakers remotely with their smartphone.

Alexa won’t be the only Amazon Echo feature on the new TV.

The company is also making an app that will be able to control Alexa-controlled cameras, speakers and more, as well as a smart thermostat.

Amazon isn’t the only company working on smart home automation.

Samsung, LG, and Philips are all working on similar smart home products.

Amazon already has some of the biggest smart home gadgets, including Amazon’s SmartThings smart door locks, Alexa smart locks, SmartThings thermostats, and a SmartThings Nest thermostating system.

Amazon wants to make its Alexa compatible with the many smart home systems that are coming out.

Alexa may also be coming to other devices, like Amazon’s Chromecast, which uses Alexa to control video streaming.

Amazon will also soon roll out Alexa-equipped smart lights that are built into TVs, including the Amazon Alexa Lighting kit.

You won’t see Alexa in TV sets anytime soon, but it could be a great addition to the home entertainment market if it does become available.

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