Recode has a bunch of great news for Google Glass users.

First up, Google has announced a new headset that’s actually quite cool: the Google Glass HD.

It’s a $399, fully wireless Bluetooth headset that you can attach to your face and uses the Google Assistant to turn your device into a wireless speaker, making it more like an Echo Dot than an Echo.

It has a 12.5-inch display, Bluetooth 4.0, an IR blaster, and it comes with Google’s Pixel XL.

You can read more about the Google HD here, but we wanted to highlight the big news for the most part: Google Glass has an HDMI port and a 5-megapixel camera built in.

You can shoot video or take photos with it using a camera app like Snapchat, Picasa, and Instagram.

That’s great news if you’re a Snapchat fan like me, who use to snap pictures of people on the street and then upload them to Instagram and Snapchat.

But that’s not really the reason I’m excited about the HD.

The reason is because, despite all of the other bells and whistles and features in the Google glasses, the HD is not actually Google Glass.

It actually looks like a regular headset, and this is why Google announced the new Google Glass this week.

The company has not been shy about teasing what we can expect from the HD and what it will look like.

Google Glass is going to be a big deal for Google, and we’ve already seen plenty of that in the Glass app, which will launch later this year.

Google is also giving us a sneak peek at the headset’s software.

For the first time ever, the company is making a new version of the Google Photos app available for developers.

The big thing with the Google glass headset is that it looks pretty good.

It doesn’t have a giant curved glass screen, but it does have a small rectangular lens that looks like it’s going to have a fairly high resolution.

It also has a nice curved screen that allows you to view photos from a distance.

Google has said it’s looking to make it easy to put on and take off the headset, which is a nice touch.

The thing I’m really curious about is the camera.

Google says it has a 5MP rear camera and a 1.8MP front camera.

I’ve never used a Google glass phone, but the camera in the new headset is going be pretty great.

Google says the Google-made headset will be available in July for $299.99, but that price is a bit high for a device that’s meant to be used by people with limited computing power.

It does come with an included remote, so you can use it to take a picture with a microphone.

It comes with two earbuds, too.

The Google Glass team has been hard at work on making sure the HD looks great.

They have been experimenting with different ways to render the headset and are currently working on making it a little more ergonomic, so that it can fit your face.

That means the HD will probably be a bit thicker than its Google Glass competitors.

The hardware and software of the headset is also quite impressive.

The Google Glass app will also be updated to bring with it new features and improvements.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what Google has in store for us with the HD, but Google Glass already has one of the best software and hardware experiences out there.