The plantronics headset is essentially a small battery pack that plugs into your mobile phone’s USB port and provides you with a headset-like experience.

The company is already working on the first consumer version of the headset, dubbed the Razer Plantronics R-Series.

The R-series is designed for those who want to use a phone to make and receive phone calls.

It will be available on the Razer website in late April for $349.

The headset will come with a microphone and speakers, as well as a battery pack.

Razer plans to make a second, larger version of its headset that will come in a variety of colors, including a black one.

The Plantronics headset features a flexible plastic base, a pair of rubber pads on the bottom and a pair on the top, allowing the headset to be worn over your eyes and ears.

The base and pads have two rubber rings around them, which the company says helps to prevent accidental touching.

The rubber pads are actually two layers of silicone.

The first layer protects the headset from sweat, dust, water, and other irritants.

The second layer allows for easy adjustment.

The device comes with two buttons, which you can press on either side of the base.

You can use the top button to connect your phone to the headset and the bottom button to use it as a controller.

When the headset is paired with your smartphone, the headset will automatically connect to the phone using Bluetooth and the phone will start playing music on the headset.

If you are in a public area, you can also use the headset as a speakerphone.

The headset has a wireless charging port that is connected to your smartphone.

This charging port is connected directly to your phone’s battery, which can be charged in less than two hours.

It’s also possible to use the Plantronics’ USB-C port to charge the headset up from the phone, as long as the phone has a fast charger.

The plantronics R Series headset is not available in the United States yet, but it’s available in Europe.