The Oculus Rift headset is finally here.

But if you’ve been waiting for a gaming headset to come to your house, here’s what you should know.

When is the Oculus Rift release date?

September 10, 2019.

The Oculus Rift is going to be available to purchase on its own for $599.

The Rift will be a good deal for anyone who wants to buy a headset for their PC or console, and will be one of the most widely used VR headsets for gaming.

There are also a number of other headsets available to buy for less than the Oculus.

However, the Oculus VR headset has an extra advantage over the others: the software support for the Oculus platform.

This means that even though the Rift has to be installed on your PC, you can easily use it with any Windows PC or Mac.

Oculus VR will be supported on Windows, macOS, and Linux for a very long time, and the Oculus team is planning to expand support for these platforms in the future.

What is the Rift?

The Oculus VR is a VR headset that looks like a regular headset but has a more powerful processor and better camera.

It uses a combination of wireless technology and a large sensor to deliver immersive, 3D-rendered content that can be viewed in a variety of ways.

The Oculus headset also includes positional tracking, meaning that you can look around your virtual environment and actually feel your body.

Oculus’ headset can be worn with or without a headset, and you can also use it to play games in 3D.

The VR headset will cost $599 when it becomes available.

What kinds of games will Oculus support?

Oculus VR supports the following VR games: Forza Motorsport 7, Halo 5: Guardians, Batman: Arkham Origins, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Batman Arkham Knight, Dead Rising 4, Dead Space 3, Dead Island Definitive Edition, NBA 2K19, NBA Live 19, FIFA 16, FIFA Ultimate Team, and NBA 2k19.

It will also support other upcoming games.

For more information, check out the Oculus announcement.

What other headsets will Oculus VR support?

The Oculus VR also supports the PlayStation VR headset, which will be released in 2019.

However it will be available for purchase separately from the Oculus headset, although it will work with the Oculus hardware.

Oculus will also be releasing a headset that uses a similar set of features to the Oculus experience.

The PlayStation VR is currently on sale for $399.