If you have ever wondered what Razer’s headset would look like if it came with an XBox controller, you may soon be able to check that out.

The company is making the controller compatible with its own XBox One gaming headset.

The Razer XBox Wireless Controller is designed to work with any of the company’s own accessories, but the headset will only work with Razer’s own headsets.

The controller will come with a standard wireless remote, but if you’re looking for something with a slightly different look, the company has put together a couple of options.

The first is a custom controller that looks like a USB controller, but it comes with a different logo, and is made with the same materials as the standard controller.

The second is a version that uses the company logo, but uses the Razer’s wireless remote.

The original Razer headset was released in 2017, and was designed to offer gamers an experience similar to that of a full-size headset.

At launch, the controller was available only in the U.S.

A few months after that launch, Razer updated the controller with a new wireless design, and the company also released a full version of the Razer XBOX Wireless Controller with a wireless remote that works with other Razer products.

It’s the first time the company is shipping an accessory that works directly with its products.

Razer has been working with its partners to improve its product and its services, and with the XBox launch coming up, it looks like it has an even better product.

The Wireless Controller comes with four wireless earbuds and a wireless mic, and it comes in three color options.

There’s also a headset and shoulder strap option, which will also work with the Razer controller.