A new wireless headset company is trying to make sure you can’t buy a headset that doesn’t work the way you want.

A new startup, a50, is trying something similar with its new wireless headphone stand, which makes it possible to buy a stand that looks just like your favorite wireless headphones, but with some added features.

But while the company is aiming for the same goal, its not quite as ambitious as a brand like Beats Audio, which has made wireless headphones a mainstay of its product line.

The company is also making a lot of money off the wireless headphone business, with the company now raising a whopping $10 million in funding.

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The new headset is a pair of earbuds that fit over a wireless headset stand, allowing you to adjust the sound by swiping up and down.

It also has a pair or two of extra earphones, and the company says it has some great ideas for accessories.

The product is available on the company’s website and on Amazon for $129.99.

The headset has two microphones that can be controlled via a USB cable and can also be paired with other devices.

A50 CEO James Aylor said the company thinks its product has the potential to be a huge success.

Aylord told Business Insider that the company has about 100 employees and is making about $30 million in revenue this year.

“We’re excited about our potential,” he said.

A company called SoundWorks has also made wireless earbud technology a big part of its business.

Its headset, which is designed to fit over your phone, is one of the best earbuddies you can buy right now.

But, according to Aylorn, that company’s earbuddy doesn’t have the same type of functionality as a50’s.

The two earbuzzers can be paired together to make a single device, but the company only has a single headphone in its headset.

A-list earbeads are a big concern for the company, Aylore said.

He says the A-List device can’t be paired to other devices and that it will need to be paired by an authorized A-Lister.

SoundWorks’ headset also doesn’t come with a charging dock.

A few weeks ago, the company announced it was launching a new line of earphones called the T-Rex, which have an array of microphones to capture sound.

It’s available now for $149.99 and is the first of several products that Ayler will be announcing later this year, A-listers and others who want to try the headset say.

“This is an interesting opportunity for a brand that is known for its high-quality product, but that’s really not the same as being a premium brand,” said one of A-listed earbods.

Another earbod reviewer said the new earboods are “super simple and unobtrusive,” but the reviewer who tried one of them said it was “quite a little” and that he had to adjust it to get the right level of sound.

A 50 representative told Business Insiders that the A50 headset was developed with the help of the A List Earbuds Association, which the company said has “great interest” in its products.

The A-lists is part of the same group that made Beats Audio a go-to for headphone accessories.

And while the Alist group is not involved with the Alys headset, the two companies have partnered on the product line, Alyor said.