The best Apple Watch is the one with the best features and the best performance, according to an Apple Watch owner.

The best Apple watch is the watch with the most apps and apps that do the best job at being useful, said John Carmack, who founded Oculus Rift.

The best smartwatch is the smartwatch with the greatest battery life, said Carmack.

Best smartwatch for gaming: Samsung Galaxy S6 or Google Pixel 2 or Apple Watch with 3D Touch is the Apple Watch.

It is the most expensive Apple Watch to date, but its battery life is good, the biggest upgrade, said one Apple Watch buyer.

The Best smartwatch without a camera: Google Pixel with 3rd-party camera is the only Apple Watch without a 3D camera.

It has a lot of cameras, but the camera on the iPhone is better, said another buyer.

Top smartwatch apps: The top three apps on the Apple watch are Apple’s Music, Photos and Maps.

They are all great, said an Apple watch buyer.

Apple Watch users love the ability to set alarms and do other things while they’re wearing the watch, so the Apple Store has many Apple Watch apps.

Apple Watch buyers love the Apple Health app, which lets them track their health, see how many steps they’ve taken and see their weight, according a buyer who also purchased an Apple Watches first pair.

Apple is offering an additional $99 to the Apple Watchers first pair for the Health app that includes fitness tracking, weight tracking and calorie tracking.

The Apple Watch uses a small battery that is more than 10 percent smaller than the battery on the Google Pixel, but still offers a significant battery life and high-quality display.

Apple is working to increase battery life in the watch.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the cheapest Apple Watch and has the best battery life at 2.5 days, according one Apple watch owner.

The Galaxy Note 5 has a slightly better battery life but less screen-on-time.

Samsung Galaxy S5 owners love the fact that it has two microphones that can be used to talk to the watch and Siri to control the watch without having to hold the watch down.

The watch can also talk to Bluetooth speakers.

BlackBerry has been a good partner for Apple Watch, according some buyers.

Blackberry has the highest battery life on the market, but it has a bigger screen and an inferior camera, according another buyer of the Blackberry watch.