The NHL is in the middle of a major shift to an all-in-one, all-around, premium headset that includes two different microphone types.

The NHL has announced that the new Pro headset will have two microphones: one that uses Bluetooth for wireless voice communication and another that uses a standard microphone to control voice commands.

We’ve talked about how important the Pro headset is for fans.

There are other factors, though.

The NHL says the new headset has been designed for the highest-quality audio.

 We’ve also seen headsets that have been designed with a dedicated mic for a single sport like the Pro Sport, which can be used for basketball, soccer, hockey, and baseball.

And the new microphone in the Pro Sports headset isn’t just for basketball or soccer, either.

We’ve heard from fans who say they are enjoying the enhanced audio and the ability to control their phone from any angle.

The NHL is promising that the Pro sports headsets will offer an improved experience.

It’s a welcome move to finally give fans the ability not just to watch hockey, but to control the sport.

But the Pro headsets won’t have the same audio quality as the new Xbox One Pro, which has been the standard for sports audio in the past few years.

It’s a shame that we can’t get that, because the Pro is a fantastic headset for games.

The Pro sports headset has a sleek design and looks good, with a bright blue color scheme and metallic-plastic shell that is very easy to clean.

The new Pro sports sound is a bit more refined and precise.

You’ll notice that there is an increase in bass when the ProSport is plugged into a stereo system, so you’ll hear more of the game.

For some sports, the ProSports headset is the preferred headset for a sports game.

The sound is much more clear and refined.

This is a great headset.

But it has some flaws.

The ProSport headset does have a slightly different look than the Pro sport headset that came out in 2016, which is what we prefer.

As for the size, the new Prosports headphones are smaller than the previous Pro sports.

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Are the Prosports the best headsets to go for right now?

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