September 13, 2018 9:43:17A year ago, Razer was trying to get a piece of the PS4 hardware pie, and was apparently too late for Sony.

The company’s new headset, the Beats VR, wasn’t just a good deal, it was the best deal in the whole world.

And so we’re not surprised that Razer would choose the Beats headset for its PS4 Pro.

But it’s still a pretty nice looking headset that also has some nice, solid specs.

The headset is about $150 and includes a $20 Amazon gift card, which can be used to get Beats games, accessories, and more.

It also comes with the new, full-size headphones that are designed to fit most head sizes.

You can get them at Amazon for $299, or $50 off with the Beats bundle, and they’re about the same price as the other headphones you’ll find in the $200 to $300 range.

There’s a full review of the headset, including our full impressions of the audio, here.

The Beats VR headset. (Amazon)