Google is getting ready to unveil a VR headset for gamers.

It’s not just any headset, however, and it’s not exactly a new technology.

It comes with an impressive name: the Google V3.

The Google V2, like most other VR headsets, relies on a 3D camera to create a 3-D 3D environment in your VR space.

That’s not quite the same as an actual 3D model of the world, but the Google VR team says that it works with real-world objects.

Google says that its 3D vision technology works well with virtual reality, but its new V3 headset will allow users to view the world from their living room.

It also comes with a unique 3D projector that can display objects on a 360-degree virtual screen.

The device itself is a small black cube with a circular design, and a 3.5-inch touch display.

The 3D image projected onto the cube can be tracked and controlled with your smartphone, tablet, or VR headset.

This is not a full-fledged VR headset like the Oculus Rift, but Google says that the 3D images are still good enough to be useful for gaming.

The headset is available for preorder at a suggested retail price of $699.

You can check out the specs and prices here and the official press release below.

Google VR is working with a team of developers to bring the Google Vive virtual reality headset to market.

The Google VR headset will be available to developers later this year.

Google VR is also working on a VR camera, and the company says that these will be added to the headset later this fall.

We’re excited to introduce Google V1 and V2 VR headsets to the VR community.

These new products are built for gamers, who love to experience VR and want the comfort and convenience of a traditional gaming headset.

We are excited to work with these developers to make sure we deliver the best VR experience possible.

With the launch of Google V5, we’re bringing VR to more than just gamers.

Google will also be expanding the Google Cardboard SDK to include support for Google VR headsets.

We’ll be working closely with developers and VR enthusiasts around the world to make VR even more accessible and fun.

We are proud to announce that the Google Virtual Reality headset is now available for Pre-Order on Google’s website.

The VR headset can be pre-ordered at the Google Store for $799.

The headset itself can be ordered directly from Google.

The V2 headset is a bit different.

It uses the new Google Cardio SDK.

You will need an Android phone running Android 7.1.1 or later and an HTC Vive VR headset that supports the Google headset.

It is available in three sizes and two colors: black, blue, and white.