Samsung has unveiled a new VR headset that could revolutionise the way we experience VR headsets.

The company has created an entirely new VR experience for its Vr headphones and the company is now aiming to revolutionise how we experience our VR experiences.

Samsung Vr headsets are already out there and they have been around for quite some time.

These headphones allow for a lot more comfortable headset that will be great for anyone who has a PC or Mac with the right software installed.

However, this headset does not come with a headset port so you have to go and buy a separate headset for it to work.

The Samsung Vrs are available in two different colours, the black and the silver.

The silver colour is also available for pre-order at $399 (£299).

Samsung is aiming to launch the Samsung VRs in Europe in November.

The company has already launched an Oculus Rift and Vive headset and will launch a VR headset for its mobile phone in 2017.

This is great news for VR enthusiasts as Samsung is now hoping to revolutionize how we consume VR content in the future.