The Samsung Jabra headset is the first piece of software designed to bring a virtual reality headset to the masses.

The headset has been designed by VR specialist Bionym to give users the ability to experience VR in a way that is similar to the way people actually see virtual reality.

Samsung’s VR headset has a 5-inch screen, a full 1080p OLED display, and can display virtual reality images in 3D, which gives users the best possible visual experience.

This means the headset doesn’t require a bulky display like the Oculus, but instead a smaller and lighter device like the HTC, which is currently in production.

The Samsung device has been priced at around $400 USD. 

The Jabra device has two controllers: one for the left eye and one for each eye.

The left eye controls the right eye, while the right hand controls the left arm and the right leg.

The device uses the same Oculus Rift headset as the Rift headset but it also has a small, foldable screen on the side of the device that can be folded into a tablet-style form, which can then be used as a stand to sit on or stand on.

This allows users to use the Jabra to look around their home and other locations in VR without having to sit in the middle of a large table.

There is also a small controller on the left side of each eye, which you can use to adjust the volume or position of the headset.

The Jabra’s controllers can be used to control various VR experiences like games and VR movies.

Users can also set the Jabras volume or angle. 

A large display on the front of the Jabraba allows users an easier time controlling the headset in VR, since the front camera is mounted to the front and does not need to be held by the user’s hands. 

With the Jabrab, users can also enjoy VR movies and VR games without having the bulky, bulky Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Users are able to enjoy immersive VR movies that include both 360° video and a traditional 2D environment, and they can also control the Jabreba with a standard mouse and keyboard. 

Samsung’s Jabra also has one of the best VR experiences of any consumer headset. 

As an additional bonus, the Jabrera also has an HDMI port that can display video and sound from other devices on your home network.

It is also compatible with Windows and Mac computers, but it does not work with tablets or smartphones. 

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