It’s no secret that the PC gaming market is in flux, with many gaming companies trying to diversify away from the console market and into the mobile space.

AMD has been in a position to capitalize on this trend, with its Radeon Pro series of gaming headsets and its new PC Gaming Headset series.

These headsets are designed for the PC and are meant to provide a more stable gaming experience than consoles and laptops.

However, with the latest headsets coming from AMD, the PC is going to get a little lost in the shuffle.

That’s because the company has announced a new gaming headset that will be called the PC Gaming H1.

It’s an entirely new headset designed to be used on the PC.

This headset is a gaming headset with a gaming design, so it will work on all PCs.

It has a 4.8 inch display, is rated for 120Hz refresh rates, and has two speakers.

The headset is currently priced at $350 and will be available on April 1st for $249.

The PC Gaming headset features a unique design, allowing users to customize their own design, with options like a different color or matte finish, and a variety of accessories like an external monitor, mouse, and headset cables.

It will also include AMD’s own PC Gaming Controller for PC gaming, which is a headset-less controller that will let you play games using a mouse, keyboard, or controllers, similar to what the Xbox 360 Controller works with.

The gaming headset also comes with a USB-C cable for charging and a USB 3.0 connector for charging your mobile device.

The company is currently working on a “gaming headset” that will work with smartphones and tablets.

The device will also be available in a variety other colors.

This could be a good idea if you have a PC that doesn’t have an external display, as this headset is designed to work with multiple displays.

However it is currently unknown whether or not AMD plans to offer a version of the PCGaming H1 for smartphones or tablets.

For now, the headset is the only thing we know about the PCGH1, and the company says that it is only for gaming.

It is not yet known if the PC will be compatible with smartphones or whether it will be limited to tablets.