Peltors VR headset, which costs $199.99 and is available exclusively from Amazon, is the most premium gaming headset out there and it delivers what you want out of a headset.

The Peltorus headset is designed to be the ultimate gaming headset for the Oculus Rift.

It comes with a unique gaming pad that is capable of offering up to six times the gaming power that’s available to a regular gaming headset.

It also has a wireless gaming wireless controller for better compatibility with the Rift.

Peltoros VR headset also comes with its own HDMI port and two USB ports, so it has an easy way to connect external peripherals like an external monitor or keyboard.

It’s also the only headset that lets you play games with the Oculus Touch controllers.

It has a built-in touch pad that makes it easy to use the Touch controllers for VR games.

The controller comes in three colors, black, silver, and red.

You can also choose from four different configurations to suit your taste: standard, pro, and pro+.

Peltoras VR headset has a large headband that gives you an extra comfortable fit.

There are also two velcro straps that you can attach to the headband.

It’s a great option if you have sensitive skin, or if you’re looking for something more comfortable for your neck.

The headset is comfortable enough to play games for hours on end, and its adjustable straps keep you from wearing the headset too much.

The main difference between the Piltor headset and the Oculus headset is that the Pelorus headset has an improved touchpad.

You’ll get more feedback when you move your head around in VR, which is helpful for VR gaming.

Peloras VR is also built to last a lot longer.

It will last you at least a year and a half.

The headsets features are also quite different.

The Peltoria VR headset comes with two USB 3.0 ports, and the two USB 2.0 and one USB 1.1 ports are included in the headset.

Pels are also the first headset to have a built in rechargeable battery.

There’s a dedicated USB port on the side of the headset that you plug into the wall.

It’ll charge your phone or any USB charger for about 20 hours.

You’ll also be able to use it with the PELOS 2 gaming controller.

It works with the headset and can be used as a standalone controller for VR or as part of a controller set with the other two Oculus headsets.

The reason why you might want to pick up the Pels headset is because it has a special feature that lets it connect to the Oculus store and get your games and content.

You get a special special coupon code when you buy your Peltora headset that gives access to the store for 24 hours.

That’s a pretty great deal considering the price.

You’re also able to add in the Oculus SDK for free, which gives you access to all of the Oculus games and apps.

You may want to get a copy of the SDK as well to get access to everything Oculus has to offer.

You should be able set up your Pelos and use it for awhile, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Peltorus VR headset offers a great gaming experience for a reasonable price.

It includes a wireless controller and a dedicated wireless USB port that works with both the Oculus and the Pelo headset.

The built-on USB 3 ports allow for faster charging.

And because it’s wireless, it’s also more comfortable to use.

The included velcro strap is also comfortable enough for your head.

Pelfor is the only gaming headset that can play VR games and can also be used for gaming with the Xbox 360 controller.

It may sound a little strange to buy a VR headset and then use it as a controller for a game, but it’s very simple.

You plug the headset into your computer and use the Oculus controllers as a game controller.

You also can use the Pelforia headset as a headset for your gaming headset or use it to play VR apps and games on the Oculus Store.

The only drawback is that you’ll need to connect the headset to your computer using the USB 3 and USB 2 ports.

The two USB 1 ports are also included in Pelfors VR.

This will be a bit tricky if you plan to use both of the Peleor headsets at once, so if you want to, you’ll want to use one headset and one controller at a time.

Pelfors headset comes in black, red, and silver color options, so there’s no color difference between PeltOR and Peltori VR.

If you’re using the Pestor headset with the regular Oculus headset, you can also pair it with a Peltoran headset and use that headset as your controller.

Pelos VR headset looks similar to the PelaVR headset, but the pads are different.

It actually comes with pads