The PlayStation 4 headset has been in limited supply for quite some time, and Sony’s new headset could be a major boost to its future prospects.

But with Sony having already announced its PlayStation VR headset and a new headset called the PSVR, it’s hard to tell whether a new PS4 model will be better.

The PS4 Pro, which was announced back in January, will be the successor to the PS4’s original model.

While it’s a lot bigger and more powerful than its predecessor, it has a lower price tag of $399.

Sony has promised to deliver the PS5 Pro later this year, and it has also confirmed a release date of the PS6 Pro.

But Sony is still a bit of a mystery as to whether the PS3 model will come to the U.S. and whether its successor, the PS Vita, will follow.

This could help Sony keep the PS lineup afloat in a post-VR market, where players are demanding a cheaper price tag.

While we don’t expect the PS 4 Pro to be a blockbuster success, it could provide Sony with some much-needed revenue and allow it to continue its focus on the PC market.